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    Advantages of Steel Palisade Fencing.

    1.      Palisade fences do not usually need planning permission from municipalities

    2.      Palisade fencing is an attractive yet formidable barrier

    3.      Palisade fencing can be painted to fit with exiating color schemes

    4.      palisade fencing does not hide your property.Intruders cannot hide behind it and patrolling security can see throuth it

    5.      access to buildings,sports grounds and other facilities can be restricted to designated entrances in the palisade fence

    6.      Bolt-on palisade fencing follows the terrain so the fence is always choose to ground level.welded panel palisadefences often have a high side on sloping ground

    7.      Bolt-on palisade fencing can be installed by semi-skilled staff as there is no welding on site

    8.      bolt-on palisade is easily transported.the compnents are packed in bundles

    9.      bolt-on palisade has been hot-dipped galvanized is not compromised by welding on site

    10.  bolt-on palisade can be easily moved to another fence linne


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