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  • Fallow Deer Fences

    Two distinct fence designs are used: perimeter fences (permit design required) and interior fences (at the producers choice). The perimeter fence requirement of the game farm permit is:

    • 2.1m total height, all of which must be woven wire

    • knotted joint construction (for security)

    • 6-inch vertical wire spacing (fawn proof)

    All other design details are at the discretion of the producer as long as the ability to contain the deer is maintained.

    While a 2.1m height is specified, this is for the openness of a woven wire fence. If deer can see a very distinct line at the top of fence (such as a top rail) they can jump 2.1m. Fences constructed of more solid material such as posts(must be a minimum 2.4m in height, preferably 2.7m). Also, the snow pack should be considered if it may significantly reduce the effective fence height.

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